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Ed is also using his two Fender Vibro-Kings(which I previously misidentified as a Super Reverb) with an extension cab for each, although only one of the sets seems to be mic’d. There is a Tibetan Freedom flag over the unmic’d cab.

Jonny, on the other hand, is back to using his Fender Eighty-Five along with his AC30. In addition, he has also maintained his bass amp from the Roseland shows, which he uses with his Guild bass on Supercollider. If anyone could identify the amp, it’s be most appreciated.

Keyboard wise, it seems Jonny is using the MiniMoog and Prophet 08 on songs like Lotus Flower, but has switched back to his regular midi setup(Fatar CMS-161 keyboard, with Kontakt3 for sounds) for older songs, with the newer keyboards being dragged on and off stage as needed.

Also, I don’t know if anybody noticed, but Ed O’Brien was playing the new Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar, You could tell by the 4 way switch. Ed and Johnny Marr became friends when they gigged together with Neil Finn (Crowded House). I wonder if Johnny gave it to him as a gift. That’s my husband’s dream guitar right now.

(via junkycosmonaut)