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Dreamers Gate

The Dreamers Gate is an abandoned and incomplete sculpture built by an Australian artist by the name of Tony Phantastes. It looks rather small in the photo, but is actually quite large, standing at a towering twenty-one feet. Deemed structurally unstable, the city of Collector, Australia, where it’s located, has long been engaged in a battle to demolish the structure; presumably the reason the artist abandoned it in 1999 after seven years’ work. (According to wikipedia, it is indeed now scheduled for demolition.)

It’s such a shame it was never completed. It’s otherworldly, and looks just like something out of Pan’s Labyrinth. I was hoping to see other works of the artist, but there is so little information available about Phantastes that I’m led to believe that the credited name might be an alias. “Phantastes” would be a fitting surname for the creator of such a fantastical work of art, sharing the title of the 1858 novel Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women.

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