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   There is nothing so enchanting as ancient ruins, or Ancient Runes, for that matter, and I have been trying to decide why. After digging through a very long list of pejorative ruins associations in my treasured thesaurus, I found two that solved the puzzle: trace and shadow. Ruins are ghosts of the past; not replicas. The meaning is in the empty spaces. I only delve into profound thought once a week so I hope you enjoyed it.

Titchfield Abbey was founded in 1222 for the frightfully named Premonstratensian canons of priests, who were known as an austere order; which basically means they weren’t any fun, no, they were no fun at all. The ruins are mainly a shell, but impressively large; they’re free, and open to the public through 30 September from 10.00-17.00 daily. Titchfield is a pretty little village near Fareham, in Hampshire.  (Trevor Cullum flickr)

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