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enchantedengland: This kind of looks like my bedroom, as in, the view from the bed. Except I don’t have those nice matching encyclopaedias or whatever they are. My books do not match but I like them that way. And I think that scrolled up parchment is a TREASURE MAP! Yeah I bet it is.

Mine too.  I have a storage chest next to my bedside table and both are loaded with random dog-eared books.  I usually pick out 3 every night and they all have to be different.  Currently working my way through The Song of Fire and Ice/ Game of Thrones books by G.R.R. Martin.  One day I’ll actually finish them.  The others are  based on whatever I’m geeking on at the moment.  Right now I’m all about the Borgias so I have books on Lucrezia and Cesare Borgia.  I never thought I’d be a Vatican history buff but there it is.   Then I pick a  “whatever strikes my fancy at that moment”  book, so I’m going between Drawing Down the Moon and Wise Secrets of Aloha

I’m open to recommendations too.  I’ll read anything.  Try me.

And friend me on goodreads.  I need to use that account more.