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When playing the game of foams, you win or you die. Make sure to smell your best no matter where your loyalties lie.


Winter is coming… be the one true clean in the north by siding with the Starks.

Sigil: Grey wolf on winter white 

Scent: Betrayal. A crisp combination of pine, cedar, and eucalyptus with just a hint of campfire to capture the essence of the wintry north.


Hear me roar and always pay your debts to cleanliness.

Sigil: Golden lion on crimson 

Scent: Pride. A sweet, earthy blend of patchouli, plumeria, and orange; rich and manipulative.


Fire and blood cleanses all.

Sigil: Scarlet dragon on pitch black 

Scent: Dragon’s blood. A fiery blend of amber, myrrh, sandalwood, and a hint of patchouli. Powerful enough to wake the dragon.


Ours is the clean.

Sigil: Black crowned stag on goldenrod 

Scent: Forest fury. An earthy blend of pine and campfire; strong enough to rule a kingdom.

Not a licensed or endorsed product. Fan interpretation completely hand-carved with love based on George R. R. Martin’s series, A Song of Ice and Fire. All bars are roughly 5.5 oz of 100% all natural and vegan friendly soap.

Sigil soap??????  I need these.  And of course, they are sold out.

Of course.