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Roughly two years ago I posted how my youngest discovered that the link between having one doll and having many dolls + accessories was money. To satisfy her appetite for doll pajamas, seeing that she could not add half and quarter birthdays to the list of giftable occasions, she embarked on a bit of entrepreneurship. And as you can see, the hand-curated garden rocks of yesteryear have undergone a makeover.

Till tonight, the target audience had remained the sympathetic and recognizable neighbors of our cul de sac. Her efforts from these low hanging fruits were enough to reinvest in inventory upgrades (in the form of crackle nail polish, the rocks are always free). But a few days ago I introduced her to Etsy and told her others were selling painted rocks too. This led to no less than a dozen requests for free labor on my part to help her set up her ecomm site… which is here. Hopefully, we won’t have to resort to too much back-room under the table dealings to relatives to move the merchandise.

The rock set is sold to moi, but there’s still a few more things there.  : )