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A Barbary macaque munches on a crisp from a tube of Pringles it stole from a tourist in Gibraltar. British holidaymaker Pete Oxford, who took the photo, says: “A lady was enjoying her Pringles with friends. Suddenly, she shrieked in horror as the imposing macaque ran over to her with attitude, acting like a thug. As she dropped the tube in hysterics, the monkey snatched it away. While the woman ran off in terror, the monkey calmly went and sat on a nearby wall. It greedily devoured its prize, scoffing all the Pringles in around five minutes.”  Picture: Pete Oxford/Minden Pictures/Solent News & Photo Agency

Macaque +1

If those were pop chips I would have put up a fight.  I’m just saying.  Those things are magical.

(via gloriousmadness)