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I just love how symbolic this is.  Like, obviously that wouldn’t protect her in a battle.  But she’s fucking wearing it to remind you who’s the HBIC dammit!

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Cersei’s corset/armour/boob plate thing? I mean there’s the *symbolism* but also its just really fucking pretty and I  want one

Normally I hate the boob plate thing but that’s because when women wear one it is usually supposed to pass as actual fighting armour which is some ridiculous bullshit. But it works for Cersei because she is not fighting a physical fight but she is fighting nonetheless and she needs protection nonetheless.

Its femme armour and I love it.

Seriously, if anyone knows of someone who can make me a boob plate I would like to know. Because if I ever found the money to afford something like this I would wear it everyday.

There’s a Game of Thrones Costuming group on Facebook, and one of the Cersei costumers is already planning it. It’s a nice resource-sharing crowd, and I know at least a couple of the members do commission work. One lady was talking about doing Melisandre’s necklace for a client.

This seems like a reasonable Friendly Plastic project. It’d be labor-intensive, but not as pricey as metal.

Boob plate?  Femme armor?  Sign me up.

(Source: wicnet, via kawaii-chola)