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Pat Robertson says Haiti has been “cursed” by a “pact to the devil.”

The earthquake in Haiti. Colossal devastation, 50,000 dead or injured, unimaginable suffering in a dirt poor and backward country. Nobody needs to tell me how desperately sorry they are. The religious don’t need to tell me they’re saying prayers. Nobody needs to tell me they want to help. If you’re a normal human being faced with suffering on this scale then I take it for granted thats how you feel. If you want to express sympathy then do but you don’t need to because how else would any decent person feel ?

Something else no-one needs to say is that the suffering of the Haitians is self-inflicted because of their ‘pact with the devil’. Seriously. Someone actually said that. It wasn’t, as might think, some lunatic escaped from the local asylum and babbling on a street corner. It was televangelist Pat Robertson on nationwide TV who said on Wednesday that earthquake-ravaged Haiti has been “cursed” by a “pact to the devil.”

Pat Robertson, as you know, is the darling of the USAs far-right, fundamentalist christians, the group that are to America what the Taliban are to Afghanistan. Their support was instrumental in securing Bush’s election victories and they wield frightening power in a country where the legitimate constitutional separation of state and church has become alarmingly blurred in recent years .

Stupidity, arrogance, mean-spiritedness and callousness are among the christian fundamentalists better characteristics and Mr Robertson is no stranger to statements demonstrating all of those traits but for sheer dumb-f*ckery and insensitivity this one ranks right up there with his best. Sorry if I’m being a little outspoken but some people just make my flesh crawl .

I know Ellie, it’s absolutely nauseating….