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" [T]here is a difference between bias and propaganda. I don’t doubt for a milisecond - and never have - that NPR and the NYT have often profound biases to the liberal side of the equation. I’ve long argued that they should admit it and move on. But I don’t get the sense from watching PBS or listening to NPR that they take it as their guiding mission to push for a particular political party or rig the news to inflame a political party’s base. I think they still try to aim for fairness and the truth. I truly don’t believe, with a few exceptions that this is the case with FNC [Fox News Channel]. I think it’s a political operation using the guise of “journalism” to advance a cause and a party; I think NPR is a news organization with a political bias. "

- Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic, Question for the Day. (via futurejournalismproject)
,br> exactly.

(Source: futurejournalismproject)