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Okay now I’m home from my Halloween shenanigans.  It’s time for dancing like a dervish in my living room. 

(queue up the Sisters of Mercy, some Dead Can Dance, etc etc….)

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Peculiar thing I saw at the Renaissance Faire a couple of weeks back.  I can’t remember the name of the exhibit but it was kinda like a fun house/museum.  I don’t know what the hell this is BUT I’m going back to the Renn Faire tomorrow so perhaps I’ll spring a buck to go back through it again and give this post some clarity.  Not that anyone cares or anything.

But yeah, I’m going to the Renn Faire again…and I don’t have to drive this time!

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Disney Villian wallpaper

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  THIS is this week’s Bed of Lust! You know I haven’t done a Bed of Lust in ages. It has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH THOSE FLICKERING FLAMES ABOVE THE BED I CANNOT EVEN SEEN THEM THEY HAVE NO MEANING TO ME **by James on flickr**

Oh yes, this is indeed lust worthy…and it would be smashing with that wine cellar I just posted right next to the bed. How lovely would that be?

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devoureth:Edinburgh, Scotland This shot of Edinburgh at twilight is like an old, European Gotham City. #love


  The studded medieval doors on the south side of Speke Hall, minutes from John Lennon Airport in south Liverpool (northwest England). Speke Hall is a breathtaking Tudor Manor House built from 1530-1598  and opulently restored; including four fully furnished-to- period bedrooms and a painstakingly reproduced Victorian kitchen and servant’s hall. You can peruse the gorgeous rooms here- Speke House 

   I couldn’t decide between this image and the full-frontal view so I’ll show that one later and tell you the haunted history of the Manor (you KNOW there’s gonna be a haunted history!) **image by lesley rigby on**


Gisborough Priory, England (Established 1119, disestablished 1539)


    Sedlec, CZ —Ossuary Art Of Human Remains :

    ” The suburb of Sedlec is a quiet, everyday place, just another part of the small but historic town of Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic. The town has never had a huge population – even today the number of souls there number just over twenty thousand. Yet this calm suburb is home to
    the Sedlec Ossuary ,
    a place which could well send a shiver up your spine.
    This small chapel under the Cemetery Church of All Saints
    houses the skeletons of around 70,000 people.
    And they are not exactly tucked away in a crypt, either. “

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    ” The massive bone chandelier which hangs from the center of the nave is perhaps the most outlandish example of Rint’s handiwork [ ’ Rint ’ being a local woodcarver & artisan designated the task of ” do[ing] ” something with the heaps of bones the church had accumulated ] . It is said that the chandelier was built using at least one example of each and every bone in the human body. “


       Your gothic thatched cottage of the day, sita style. Note the semi-tropical looking foliage in the lower left and you’ll realize it’s in Cornwall. (image 

    Oh holy hell…I’m all about this shit. Cheri, you know me tooooo well.