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Merlin is Magic

LOVE this movie…

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A Little Bit of Magic

This is a 6-inch tall door at the bottom of a tree at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. People of all ages leave around 1500 notes behind the door every year, and every single one of them is answered. Each reply ends with, “I believe in you.” No one has seen the elf, but he’s known as “Mr. Little Guy”

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Expansive source of esoteric material.


Anonymous British occult print dated 1720

A Gentleman standing in a magic circle, looking terrified, while a man in a long cape and witch’s hat directs demonic serpentine creatures and heads which blow vapours at the other, holding a stick and a book, with a monkey dancing in the air above him.


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Ethel Post Parrish sits in The Spirit Cabinet or ” Ghost Booth” producing ectoplasm to materialize the entity Silver Belle during a seance under test conditions in the United States, 1953. (via Séance: An Adventure In Ghost Hunting)



Best thing I have ever seen.

Wish this was bigger.


Tonight… tonight…

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