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The Melville Bed

ca. 1700

The bedstead consists of an oak bedstock (frame) with four oak posts secured to the rails with bolts. It retains its original ropes and linen ticking fabric to support the mattresses. The top of the posts hold iron spikes that secure the tester (upper horizontal section) and cornice. The coved interior of the tester is built up with facetted boards. The Chinese silk lining bears a Chinese inscription on the selvedge (finished edge of the fabric). Traces of pencil on the underside of the tester cloth provide guidelines for the application of braid and fringe. The curtains are made of joined widths of velvet.”

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That headboard is gorgeous!

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What a fantastic headboard….if only I had a bed like this. What the hell am I saying… I barely get out of bed as it is. I would have to be leveraged out with a crowbar in order to get out of that thing.


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The laundry is never going to get done at this rate…


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