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I’m so going to do this. Since my move I have discovered that I own a shitload of books with no where to put them all. I moved from a place that had tons of bookshelf space built into the walls so I consequently brought home every book I came across. Anyway this solves that dilemma for another month plus I don’t have to worry about the kitties ambushing a real tree. Win-win.

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I did it. I found the ultimate tumblr bookstore.





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There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!

The Last Bookstore
Los Angeles, California

This place is on my bucket list to visit.

this is the only place i buy books from anymore ((and im going there tomorrow i need some new trashy romance novels)))

cool fact: up on the second floor, 1 book only costs $1. and the amount of cool books up there is endlessssss. so if you have $5 to spend well lucky you

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Good Reads

]Yeah, I'm off to bed in a bit but I was just wondering who is on Good Reads. I'm already friends with several of you over there but I thought I'd just mention it anyway.

Mental note…..Read The Owl Killers again.

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This was me in the tub a few minutes ago except I wasn’t so angsty as Morrissey here.  Also I was shamelessly reading the latest Kim Harrison Hollows book with a ginormous glass of merlot.  Otherwise it was exactly like this.

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—or at least to random homes. Three of them, in fact. How, you ask? By reblogging this, that’s how.

** One book will be given away to one of the first six to reblog (selected by the roll of a die).

** One book will be given away to one of the last six to reblog (also selected by the roll of a die).

** A third book will be given away randomly to one of those in the middle.

Must be following the EOoN blog, of course. Contest will run 24 to 30 hours from the time I post this (10 AM Mountain Time). No heads up will be given regarding the end. I’ll simply announce it. Ain’t I tricky?

Signed copies are available here (free shipping to U.S. addresses), if interested. You can also get it on Amazon.

May the force be with you.


the silmarillion, i could kiss him


Art Student Hand-Illuminates, Binds a Copy of Tolkien’s Silmarillion

German art student Benjamin Harff decided for his exam at the Academy of Arts to do something only slightly ambitious — to hand-illuminate and bind a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion. It took him six months of work. In very 21st century elvish-monk style, he hand-illuminated the text which had been printed on his home Canon inkjet printer. He worked with a binder to assemble the resulting book. (Source)


   I LOVE these old books!!! I want them and I want them bad. Especially that Tennyson volume because I adore Tennyson. Leather-bound, musty-smelling, parchment-papered, engraved, inscribed, magical old books!! (image from someone named beechen (then there is a triangle symbol) green on beautyineverything)

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   Doorway to the Schola Moralis Philosophiae (School of Moral Philosophy) at the Bodleian Library, the main research library of the University of Oxford (Oxford, England) and one of the oldest libraries in Europe. Known to Oxford scholars as “Bodley” or “the Bod”, the Bodleian contains 11 million items within on 117 miles of shelving. Ohhhhhhh. **shuddering sigh** Talk about book lust! And look at that ancient studded door!! (zoomed in shot from a Wikimedia Creative Commons image) Sheer unadulterated bliss.

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