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Anyone know where this is?

Arianka has informed me that this is Gwrych Castle, Abergele, in North Wales and more pix are here.

Arianka has a splendid tumblr, btw.

(Source: happyharry101, via wolfdancer)


Segovia castle, Spain.

12th c.

by Asturtom on Flickr.


Tower of Warwick castle, Warwickshire, England.

11th c.

by BurAlejandre on Flickr.

Dunluce Castle

“Apparently the kitchen fell into the sea during the 1600s, taken the kitchen staff with it. The lady of the house refused to live in the castle after that, which I think was very sensible of her.”


(via miss-arsenic)

Dracula Castle Transylvania

I don’t suppose Vlad Tempes slept there but you can always speculate…



Photograph by Sam Abell

The green countryside of County Kerry, Ireland, slowly reclaims a castle near the village of Kilgarvan. Taking its present name from the Irish Cill Garbháin, or Church of St. Garbhan, Kilgarvan rests on the banks of the Roughty River, which flows into Kenmare Bay.


   The WORLD’S BEST CASTLE AT SUNRISE. How did I find this? Pure, wicked genius, that’s how. Sheer unadulterated brilliance. Okay, dumb stupid luck. Whatever. I still found it.

   This is, of course, Neuschwansteinn Castle; and it’s been photographed a zillion times but I think the sunrise here is as gorgeous as the castle and THAT is saying something. Apparently we are on an architectural tour of Germany this morning. There MAY be a reason why. I’m not telling.

   photo attributed to jchip8 from flickr.

Nice find!