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No one puts Sookie in a box except herself of course.

Yeah I named her Sookie before that character became a complete dumbass on TrueBlood. 



The stunning sight of hundreds of bright blue butterflies was almost too much for the six-month-old kitten, Lepa, as he bounced over and started trying to catch them. The comical chase was captured by student Natalia Moldovanova in Leningrad Oblast, Russia. After awhile Lepa got tired and collapsed among the butterflies, seemingly in paradise | Article.

I just love this

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I caught Oscar smiling in his sleep.


Cat Decisions

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omggg a kitty and piggy playing!!!

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Dog patiently teaches puppy to go down the stairs.
The cat…not so much.




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This freaked me out…..severly….




We must bring wheat to the motherland.

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You Shall Not Pass, Dog (by happymedulla)

I love the end where they actually get the courage to go past the cats.

She hates it when I go out of town.

Norman Reedus with his gorgeous black cat Eye in the Dark.

Sook not giving a crap about my dash.

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