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Bohemian Treetop Hideaway….

This couch…

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On the Inside Looking Surrounded by the Outside

I would love to have this as my bathroom…

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Disney Villian wallpaper

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I have a thing for bathtubs. I can sit in one for ages until I’ve shriveled into a prune.

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This looks like an ideal reading scenario.



Sedlec, CZ —Ossuary Art Of Human Remains :

” The suburb of Sedlec is a quiet, everyday place, just another part of the small but historic town of Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic. The town has never had a huge population – even today the number of souls there number just over twenty thousand. Yet this calm suburb is home to
the Sedlec Ossuary ,
a place which could well send a shiver up your spine.
This small chapel under the Cemetery Church of All Saints
houses the skeletons of around 70,000 people.
And they are not exactly tucked away in a crypt, either. “

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” The massive bone chandelier which hangs from the center of the nave is perhaps the most outlandish example of Rint’s handiwork [ ’ Rint ’ being a local woodcarver & artisan designated the task of ” do[ing] ” something with the heaps of bones the church had accumulated ] . It is said that the chandelier was built using at least one example of each and every bone in the human body. “

I love how cozy and inviting this is. It looks like the perfect place to set up shop and read the day away.

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