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Fig Pudding candle.

"The Twelfth Night festival marked the onset of the winter solstice, the point in late December when the sun, whose daily arc had reached its lowest, darkest, coldest point, began its rise toward the longer, warmer days and the coming of spring. On December 25th, the ceremonial Yule log was hauled in to start the hearth fire around which its members and visitors would gather throughout the rest of the Christmas festival days."

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So this just randomly showed up on my Etsy feed.

Barbie as Hindu goddess Kali.


I’ll I’m asking is to reblog this picture and keep the caption to help my mom’s business get out there.

My mom recently got fired from her job, my step-dad moved out and we don’t have enough money to keep living where we are. She has a small business where she sells candles, soaps, and soon body spray. (Which smell delicious (is that weird?) by the way)

All I want is for her business to get big and noticed a lot more than it is. This is what she’s wanted to do when she was younger, and even today. Make candles, soaps, etc. She loves this. She hated her old job as a banker and she hated retail. I want her to be happy.

So if you could, reblog this picture and keep the caption. If you could, follow her Facebook, Twitter, and/or Etsy. Buying from her Etsy or Website would mean a lot but I’m not asking you too.

If you want any information about the candles or soaps, and soon to be body spray you can ask me here or you can message my mom directly here or you can post on her Facebook page. 

Facebook - Twitter - Etsy - Website

I have to get those Fig Biscotti votives on her etsy. Nice stuff!

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I just got a sample of this today in the mail.  I’m devouring my arm while typing this.  I’m a die-hard Black Phoenix Alchemy fan but damn.   Delightful Rot puts a lot of work into their fragrances and I’m definitely pleased with my “Loki” and “Sherlock” samples.  My husband, who ordinarily hates fragrance, is all about wearing the cognac/leather blend of Sherlock.  The Loki fragrance is green and a little woody…it’s all over the place but all at once intoxicating.  I think that one could be unisex.  Anyway, I’m a fan now.

(via Perfume Mist Spray Loki by delightfulrot on Etsy)

Why yes, that is a Barbie head fashioned in the likeness of Laura Palmer!

I need to get away from Etsy already.

(via laura palmer brooch by lasanyadeverdura on Etsy)

This is going on my Christmas list.

Damnit, the Laura Palmer one sold already.

(via Lost Boys Cameo Necklace by FlamingoCupcake on Etsy)


True Blood quote renewed today on Etsy :)

I’ve reblogged a bunch of her cross-stitch. I just need to get off my ass and follow her already. Clearly she’s amazing.

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BRAND NEW to my shop! :)

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Hannibal Lecter Silence of the Lambs Felt Face Cutie Pin by beyondthepoisonapple on Etsy.

this has me shrieking with delight…


(via) gothicrow’s etsy

Foggy Gothic Graveyard

Crows fly into the foggy necropolis. This photograph was printed at a Photo Lab on Kodak Professional Endura Paper. I will sign and date the back of this photograph.