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   Snowy Buckingham Palace, London, England. Buckingham Palace is the primary residence of the royal monarch as well as an art gallery and tourist attraction. The Queen hosts annual Garden Parties, Receptions, and Banquets here as well, and when Queen Elizabeth starts her Tumblr to keep up with Barack Obama I am quite certain she will follow me. And THEN I will get invited to one of those Receptions, yes, yes I will. 

  I even know what to wear since I read Wikipedia! There is nothing like learning fashion from Wikipedia if you’re the classy sort as I am. Anyhoo, if an evening event at Buckingham Palace is White Tie women wear a tiara, if they own one. (And who doesn’t?) I must get mine out of its plush pink velvet, ivory pearl studded, satin-lined Louis Vuitton hat box and start polishing.

(Alex Segre flickr)