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Just some flowers at the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, NC.


The spirit of stones By xensen

Stones in Japan are used for bridges, water containers, lanterns, and many other purposes. They are especially used as steps on paths.

In an echo of Japan’s animistic native beliefs, stones are chosen for the spirit they emanate. They form a link between people and the earth. Stones that are scored or pitted or covered with moss evoke the spirit of wabi-sabi — of harmonious simplicity and impermanence (more on this in a subsequent post).

This image of petal-covered stepping stone as Shokokuji, a Rinzai Zen temple in Kyoto, comes from EYLC’s photostream.


   A cottage on Mainland, the most populated island of the Scottish archipelago (group of islands) of Orkney. For over five centures Orkney was part of Norway, not joining Scotland until the fifteenth century. Consequently the Orkney Islands have a Norse rather than a Gaelic flavour, with historic links to the Faroes, Iceland, and Norway.

   You’d never believe it from looking at a map, but the Orkney Islands are green, fertile, and populous; with more than 19,000 cheery citizens who speak with a distinct lilting, sing-song accent. Their are endless summer days (locals say The Orcadian can be read outdoors at midnight) and long winter nights; but they’re warmed by the Atlantic and western winds and January temperatures are actually quite similar to the coast of Sussex. (4-6 C or around 40 F)

  (Georgia Ghezzi on flickr)


vintagerosegardenBeautiful..The rose gardens behind Stone Easton Park, near Bath, Somerset. via Ciao Domenica: England’s Hideaways

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  This bewitching little cottage looks as if it belongs in The Shire, but it’s actually from The Chelsea Flower Garden Show (formally known as “The Great Spring Show”) a fantastical floral feast held for five days each May in Chelsea, London.    157,000 plus visitors attend this show, which boasts a plethora of award-winning garden, floral, tree, vegetable, herbal, educational, and scientific exhibits. Neville Longbottom would shit himself to go to this show. It’s very prestigious. Members of the Royal Family attend. Buy your tickets early. 

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“I used to meet her in the garden.”

— Dulac, c.1911.


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I want a garden room..I love those glass panels..

I need a room like this…