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And by the way, everyone should go see Lincoln.

Daniel Day Lewis IS Lincoln.  Plus James Spader steals every scene he is in. 

That is all.

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Oscar Wilde, date unknown

What a gorgeous photograph of the man.

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The Canal version of Lucretzia Borgia is just….she is perfection.

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Not food-related, but worth posting nonetheless: a timeline of the Roman Empire in gif format.

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Necropolis is a luminous, oddly beguiling account of how London has treated its dead, ranging from Roman burial rites to the horrors of the plague, from the founding of the great Victorian cemeteries to the more recent trends of collective grief and the cult of mourning, such as that surrounding the death of Princess Diana. Leaving no headstone unturned, Catherine Arnold unearths one of the great untold histories of the nation’s capitol. Skillfully blending history, architecture, archaeology, and anecdote, she also explores phenomena like bodysnatching, public executions, and the rise of the undertaking trade. Ghoulishly entertaining and full of fascinating nuggets of information, Necropolis is destined to become a classic work on the city.


Holy hell…this must be good since Alison Weir gave it a good review. She’s my FAVORITE historical writer ever. You like Tudor history, then she’s your bitch, seriously.

Yeah, I know you guys are really on the edge of your seats waiting on my opinion on this book…well, wait no longer! It’s fucking epic. If you geek over medieval stuff, then this will engross you. There’s tons of detail on how folks lived their day to day lives in the 14th century. Everything from the mode of dress, health, medicine, food, law, lodging, social structure…it’s all there and told as if you are actually going to tour the country during the time period. And yes, there is a lot of morbid shit on the plague, leprosy and other unpleasantness. I was not disappointed but my husband was predictably disgusted with my readings to him while trying to either eat or watch football.. Anyway, I thought it would be a re-hash of other things I’ve read but I was pleasantly mistaken. I KNEW Alison Weir wouldn’t steer me wrong.

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“ In 1906 The Journal of the English Folk Song Society published a piece on the old English ballad ‘Death and the Lady.’ Some enterprising female entertainer encountered the article and realized the story might be used as a great vaudeville piece about the evils of card play and alcohol. Touring performers were always searching for material that would play well in the sticks. The city folks would enjoy the Grand Guignol staging, the traditional song, and the vocal technique.

Here Joseph Hall, the Brooklyn born photographer who had made a career on baseball pictures and theatrical production stills, captured the sequence of the action, providing a peculiarly detailed—and rare view—of the progress of a single vaudeville performance. ”

[ Text : David Shields ]

This is the Chapel inside of the White Tower at the Tower of London

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by Svetlana

Little Moreton Hall is a moated 15th-century half-timbered manor house near Congleton, Cheshire. It’s on my list of places I would love to visit.

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The remains of Bradgate House.The birthplace of Lady Jane Grey in Leicestershire, England.


Gráinne Ní Mháille or Grace O Malley (1530-1603) was the Irish ‘Pirate Queen’ and quite the rebel. She was a pirate, trader, ship captain and clan leader.

She is perhaps most famous for her visit to Elizabeth I after the English governor of Connaught Richard Bingham captured her two sons. When meeting with Elizabeth she refused to bow, as she stated that she was a Queen in her own land and not a subject of the Queen of England. The two admired each other and came to an agreement; her sons would be returned, and Grace would quit attacking English ships and focus on the Spanish ones.

In a man’s world Gráinne established her own power base contrary to Gaelic and English law. She was fierce, a woman of great character and has become a poetic symbol of Ireland.


   Well I nearly shit and died was very excited to find THIS! RYE IN THE SNOW!!! **swoons** It’s just entitled Rye (East Sussex, England) but I know this is a view of Church Street from St. Mary’s, the grand edifice that tops this historical hillside village where everything is made of medieval and magic and and all Harry Potter characters should live. (photo by Neil Archer beautyineverything)


Preparing the best I can for the Hurricane,by Громов-Дранкинъ. Sure hope the Cats don’t get as freaked out as they were the other day by the Earthquake.It’s been a History breaking week:( Sita you stay safe Girl!

I’m ready Lynn! I’m going to build a fort in my safe room. I’ve got flashlights, books, wine, nutella, my husband and my cats so I think I’m ready!