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I bought Sookie a cat bed.  It’s her toy depository now.  

I can never unpack a box without her trying to wedge her ass in there at the same time.  She literally watches me like a hawk as I’m unpacking whatever crap I’ve purchased online.

This is like my beautiful Adelaide…a fluffy voluptuous shape with magnetic eyes. 

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Stoic kitty is stoic.

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Swing Time, 1936 

This reminds me of how my kitty Oscar was when we first adopted him.  Clearly whoever had him before had abused and traumatized him.  He was a devil cat.  My husband and I were living in a loft and I can remember waking up in the middle of the night with Oscar staring at me from the bookshelf above the bed like he was going to eat my soul.  We couldn’t walk by him without him taking a swipe, or in my husband’s case, mauling his calves.  The cat was attacking our other kitty too…. it just got really out of hand.    Strangely, the moment my husband said out loud that he had to go, Oscar had a radical change of demeanor.  Fast forward 2 years and he’s the most loving little snuggle bunny ever.  True fact.
He still likes to bite Paul’s ankles though.

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but before I leave, let’s appreciate this picture.

This is my kitty Sookie looking terrified.  She’s not really.  She was playing with her bear and that’s just the way I happened to catch her.

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oh my god


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Yes….yes they will.

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Credit to Daily MARU for my favourite cat gifs ever. l Love MARU! (: 


I want this cat

Maru ftw

The perfect thing to wake up to on a Saturday morning. 

This is how I get out of bed every day.

Too cute.


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these are a few of my favourite things….

This is my kitty Sookie’s special basket where she thinks about murder all day.