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   Somewhere in an enchanted forest in the county of Kent, southeast England. (andrewevans flickr)


  Here is another of the thousands of places in Britain I wanna live- Ardverikie House in the Highlands of Scotland. LOOK AT ALL THOSE FABULOUS TURRETS AND SNOW-COVERED SPIRES AND SHIT! (This is why I could never write for Architectural Digest.) I love this place! I want to play in all the passageways and hidden nooks and make snow angels in the yard.

  Other bits of interest: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert lived here for a month before they bought Balmoral; and the house played a starring role in the BBC drama, “Monarch of the Glen” (Nick Weall


  EEEEEEEE look at this magical fairytale glen!!! This is in Betws-y-Coed (“Prayer house in the wood”), Welsh pronunciation: [ˈbɛtʊs ə ˈkɔɨd]) a little village in the Conwy valley of Conwy Borough, Wales. The town was founded around a monastery in the late sixth century. (image edwina bullock on


  THIS is this week’s Bed of Lust! You know I haven’t done a Bed of Lust in ages. It has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH THOSE FLICKERING FLAMES ABOVE THE BED I CANNOT EVEN SEEN THEM THEY HAVE NO MEANING TO ME **by James on flickr**

Oh yes, this is indeed lust worthy…and it would be smashing with that wine cellar I just posted right next to the bed. How lovely would that be?

(Source: magicalplacetobe)


  A dreamy atmospheric shot of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, Scotland.The museum, adjacent to Kelvingrove Park, is the most popular free attraction in Scotland as well as the most visited museum in the UK outside of London. The museum boasts one of the finest collections of arms and armour in the world along with a vast natural history collection; and outstanding European artworks from the Old Masters, French Impressionists, Dutch Renaissance, and Scottish Colourists. 

(image by benedict on


   Well I nearly shit and died was very excited to find THIS! RYE IN THE SNOW!!! **swoons** It’s just entitled Rye (East Sussex, England) but I know this is a view of Church Street from St. Mary’s, the grand edifice that tops this historical hillside village where everything is made of medieval and magic and and all Harry Potter characters should live. (photo by Neil Archer beautyineverything)