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Elliott Smith died ten years ago today at the age of 34 from two stab wounds to the chest. Two. At the time of the stabbing, he was at his Lemoyne Street home in Echo Park, California where he lived with his girlfriend, Jennifer Chiba. According to Chiba, the two were arguing, and she locked herself in the bathroom to take a shower. Chiba heard him scream, and upon opening the door, saw Elliott standing with a knife in his chest. She pulled the knife out, after which he collapsed. He died in the hospital with the time of death listed as 1:36 p.m. A possible suicide note, written on a Post-it, read:

"I’m so sorry.
—love, Elliott.

God forgive me.”

His death was reported as a suicide, but never formally ruled as such. The official autopsy report released in December 2003 left open the question of homicide. The case, however, is no longer being investigated.

On July 30, 2004, nine months and nine days after Elliott’s death, Jennifer Chiba filed a lawsuit against his family for 15% of his earnings, claiming that she and Elliott lived as “husband and wife”.

She lost.


Miss Lily Elsie

Miss Lily Elsie made her name on the opening night of The Merry Widow, in London, on 8th June 1907.  Overnight she had the town at her feet.  On the stage Elsie seemed mysteriously beautiful with her perfect Grecian profile, enormous blue eyes, and hauntingly sad smile.  Tall, cool, and lily-like, she moved with lyrical gestures in a slow-motion grace.
She was a true ‘star’ of Edwardian times, although the word was yet to be used in that context.  Magazines produced special supplements about her, adverts featured her picture.
Although her fame and fortune came entirely from public appearances she was painfully shy.  After just a few years on the stage she retired to a quite life away from the public eye.  She did however leave us with hundreds of pictures, a few gramophone discs, and two films, to remember her by.

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