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The Lover Stone

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the elder scrolls factions - the companions

Never heard of the Companions? An order of warriors. We are brothers and sisters in honor. And we show up to solve problems, if the coin is good enough.

I started a new dark elf character today.  Meanwhile there’s much housework I’m neglecting I’m told.

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I need to start playing this again…

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Please be true…

"The Elder Scrolls, which has gained an enormous cult following due to each game’s incredibly vast environments, unparalleled storytelling, and addicting game mechanics, has remained a single-player affair since its inception. However, Tomsguide has cited an unnamed source as saying that developer ZemiMax Online Studios is working with Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda to create a massively multiplayer online entry to the series." (via The Elder Scrolls will go massively online | TG Daily)

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by Gamesajare, of course.

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