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Some of the people/blogs I hold in high esteem…

  1. frenchtwist (11%)
  2. thebeldam (7%)
  3. junkycosmonaut (7%)
  4. arianka (5%)
  5. rrrick (4%)
  6. wentdog (4%)
  7. alice44 (3%)
  8. serina (3%)
  9. ellayelmar (3%)

Frenchtwist: holy smokes!

So much quality…

  1. thebeldam (10%)
  2. junkycosmonaut (5%)
  3. deanaxburke (5%)
  4. joost5 (5%)
  5. libradoll76 (5%)
  6. instant-girl (4%)
  7. nerdyghostcat (4%)
  8. rrrick (3%)
  9. arianka (3%)

I blame them all for my lack of productivity today.

Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it! :)

1)  I have a crazy amount of books, many of which have not been read yet.  I just love being surrounded by them and I always have a ridiculous stack on my nightstand which my kitty Oscar swipes off one by one every night.  Bastard.

2) When I leave the house, I have to go back in at least twice to make sure…REALLY sure that I turned off & unplugged everything.

3) I’m the queen of the silent treatment despite the fact that normally I’m rather chatty.  Just ask my husband. 

4) I’ve been asked if I share my lastfm account with other people because my tastes are that erratic.  Some of these people I actually really know…

5) I lack the ability to nap and it really pisses me off.