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The Twisted Trees of Slope Point, New Zealand

Slope Point is at the southernmost point of the South Island of New Zealand. The air streams loop the ocean, unobstructed for 2000 miles, until they reach Slope Point causing incredibly strong winds. In fact, the winds are so strong and persistent here that they perpetually warp and twist the trees into these crooked, wind-swept shapes. 

Slope Point is generally uninhabited, except for the herds of sheep that graze the land. There are no roads leading here, however backpackers regularly make the short 20-minute walk to see the fascinating tree formations that only Mother Nature could create. However there is no public access during the lambing season from September to November.

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So here is a guy juggling around Iceland.  Gorgeous scenery as you would expect.

Music:  “Nýfallið regn” by Icelandic artist Ásgeir

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This is a lake known as Seealpsee in Switzerland according to flickr.  ; )

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   A cottage on Mainland, the most populated island of the Scottish archipelago (group of islands) of Orkney. For over five centures Orkney was part of Norway, not joining Scotland until the fifteenth century. Consequently the Orkney Islands have a Norse rather than a Gaelic flavour, with historic links to the Faroes, Iceland, and Norway.

   You’d never believe it from looking at a map, but the Orkney Islands are green, fertile, and populous; with more than 19,000 cheery citizens who speak with a distinct lilting, sing-song accent. Their are endless summer days (locals say The Orcadian can be read outdoors at midnight) and long winter nights; but they’re warmed by the Atlantic and western winds and January temperatures are actually quite similar to the coast of Sussex. (4-6 C or around 40 F)

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  EEEEEEEE look at this magical fairytale glen!!! This is in Betws-y-Coed (“Prayer house in the wood”), Welsh pronunciation: [ˈbɛtʊs ə ˈkɔɨd]) a little village in the Conwy valley of Conwy Borough, Wales. The town was founded around a monastery in the late sixth century. (image edwina bullock on


   Fraserburgh lies at the extreme northeast corner of Aberdeenshire, which is a unitary council (something like a county) that lies in northeast Scotland. (Scotland is divided into 32 designated council areas.) Aberdeenshire is the locus of a large number of Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeological sites, BTW. So hurry on up there with your trowel and dig, or satiate your sea lust with the marshmallow-spun turquoise foam of the North Sea crashing around the harbour lighthouse. (T. Keith Bruce beautyineverything)


Isola di Loreto , Brescia - Lombardia - Italy
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This is the Hotel La Montaña Mágica in Huilo-Huilo, Chile. Amazing….

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vintagerosegardenBeautiful..The rose gardens behind Stone Easton Park, near Bath, Somerset. via Ciao Domenica: England’s Hideaways

enchantedengland: vintagerosegarden has the prettiest Tumblr ever. And I also love her. I shall love her forever. I am very loyal.

I agree with you Cheri. Her blog is beautiful and she’s a real sweetheart.
I think they filmed some Duran Duran videos there in the 80s. I’m pretty sure Hungry Like the Wolf and Save a Prayer were filmed there…perhaps Rio? Anyway, I’ve wanted to go ever since. I just need to arrange a vacation there and have Nick Rhodes, Simon LeBon and John Taylor rub me down with suntan lotion. Andy can film.


Antigua beach (by tugboat1952 (away cruising till August))




Hallstatt, Austria

omg… i need to go here.