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   This is a local bank in Chester, England. MY bank does not look like this. As in, not the slightest little bit. I am going to print out this photo and show it to the bank manager, because he has some major renovations to do and he needs to get on it. (image JayT47 on


   Oak Corner  in Rye, East Sussex, England. This is near the bottom of Mermaid Street, if you’re walking uphill; and Trader’s Passage branches off to your right. Oak Corner was originally built in the eleventh century, partially destroyed by the French-set fire of Rye in 1377, and rebuilt in 1490. It’s now privately owned by some jammy bastard very fortunate person.

   See the little sign on the side that says TRADER’S PASSAGE? There’s a June 28th post of Trader’s Passage in the Archives and IT IS SO GORGEOUS. I am not making this up. Daves Portfolio (no apostrophe in Daves) on flickr

Cheri’s use of “jammy bastard” wins tonight’s “most amazing things I’ve seen on my dash” contest tonight. I’m going to incorporate that into my lexicon of phrases post haste.


   Well I nearly shit and died was very excited to find THIS! RYE IN THE SNOW!!! **swoons** It’s just entitled Rye (East Sussex, England) but I know this is a view of Church Street from St. Mary’s, the grand edifice that tops this historical hillside village where everything is made of medieval and magic and and all Harry Potter characters should live. (photo by Neil Archer beautyineverything)


This was so beautiful.

The poem reads: “Gentle Vvsitor pause awhile where you stand, death cut away the light of many deaths, here jewelled names were broken from vivid threads of life, may they rest in peace while we walk the generations around their strife and courage under the restless skies.” 

I cried.


  The studded medieval doors on the south side of Speke Hall, minutes from John Lennon Airport in south Liverpool (northwest England). Speke Hall is a breathtaking Tudor Manor House built from 1530-1598  and opulently restored; including four fully furnished-to- period bedrooms and a painstakingly reproduced Victorian kitchen and servant’s hall. You can peruse the gorgeous rooms here- Speke House 

   I couldn’t decide between this image and the full-frontal view so I’ll show that one later and tell you the haunted history of the Manor (you KNOW there’s gonna be a haunted history!) **image by lesley rigby on**